The Fall 2018 semester will be full of exciting and fun intratmurals based on interest.

Sport: Volleyball

Meeting time: Mondays, 6:50/7:40 PM

Come out to support our teams, and check out the photos on the UF Aiche Photos Page. *Intramurals with two times separated by a slash can be played at either time depending on the week. Check the IMLeagues website for the exact time.

ChemE Car

ChemE Car is an international design competition through national AIChE. Our goal is to a design a fully autonomous, shoebox sized car that is capable of going an unknown distance carrying an unknown weight powered and stopped by chemical means. Contact our chair for more information.

Professional Development

AIChE seeks to prepare you for the world beyond the university. We host resume critiques, plant tours, company information sessions and various other corporate events to make you successful. Contact our corporate liaison for more information.

Community Outreach & E-fair

Give back to the local community by volunteering with AIChE! We strive to impact the local community, whether that is the Field and Fork Pantry, Alachua County Humane Society, or STEM outreach events to local schools. Our largest outreach effort, E-Fair, occurs in the spring semester. We host experiments (most notably liquid nitrogen ice cream) that demonstrate chemical engineering principles for hundreds children ages 6-18.


Take a break with us! Meet the rest of the student body in our department. Keep an eye on our calendar for all of our fun events.