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2017 - 2018 Officers

Phillip Dixon

The President respresents the Department of Chemical Engineering graduate student body and overseer of GRACE at UF. The President must maintain GRACE's status as a student organization and serve as the primary connection between GRACE, the department chair, and the academic advisor. The President will also send announcements and notify the student body of upcoming elections, nominees, and results of elections.
Andrew Tamashunas

The Chair assists the President and other officers with promoting GRACE events, is responsible for taking meeting minutes, and acts as the webmaster. The Chair will maintain the organization's website, Facebook group, and take photos. The Chair will work with the President on creating meeting agendas and assist with marketing of GRACE events which include creating flyers, sending event reminders, and posting photos of the event.
Ryan Montes

The Treasurer plans and makes sure that GRACE is within the calculated budget. The Treasurer will receive funding from Benton Engineering Council (BEC) and Graduate Student Council (GSC) when needed for travel grants, the annual GRACE Symposium, or other events. The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining a record of costs and submit receipts for reimbursements. The Treasurer will also arrange fundraising events, if needed.
Academic Chair
Mythreyi Unni

The Academic Chair promotes the academic pursuits of the chemical engineering graduate student body. The Academic Chair will plan at least one to two academic events per semester which includes the annual GRACE Symposium and a mentor program for new graduate students.
Social Chairs
Mykela DeLuca and Keith Christopher

The Social Chairs promote friendship within the chemical engineering graduate student body. The Social Chairs plan and organize at least one social every one to two months (Summer Potluck, Welcome Party, Springs Trip, Diwali, Halloween, Chinese New Year, End-of-Year Party, Happy Hours, etc), estimates the cost of the events to ensure that costs meet the budget requirements as determined by the Treasurer. The Social Chairs will take pictures of social events (if VP is not in attendance) and provide copies to the Vice President. The Social Chair will work with the Recruitment Chair, President, and Chair to organize and execute department recruitment events.
Athletic Director
Amineh Baniani

The Sports Chair encourages participation in sporting activities such as UF sports, intramural (IM) sports, or other non-organized activities. The Sports Chair will coordinate the football seating block, andone to two sporting events per semester; which can include tailgates in fall, game watches, basketball games in spring, baseball in summer, and other smaller sporting events. The Sports Chair will create IM teams based on interest from the students and serve as captain if needed.
Engineering Graduate Student Council (EGSC) Representative
Ming Gao

The EGSC Representative represents the graduate students of the Chemical Engineering department in affairs concerning the EGSC. This will include attending EGSC meetings throughout the school year and relaying information to GRACE Officers.
The EGSC Representative must be a member of EGSC.
  Graduate Student Council (GSC) Representative
Jiancheng Yang

The GSC Representative attends GSC meetings and represent GRACE and the chemical engineering department. The GSC Representative will relay GSC events to GRACE Officers and connect with other graduate student organizations
Recruitment Chair
Scott Strednak

The Recruitment Chair will work with the President and Chair as the primary liasons with the Department of Chemical Engineering and College of Engineering during PhD recruitment trips as well as Junior Preview. The Recruitment Chair will be the key organizer of many recruitment events including: assigning mentors, meals, distributing information such as visit itineraries and individual meeting schedules, and social events.
  Master's Affairs Chair
Andrew Jones

The Master's Affairs Chair(s) represent the chemical engineering master's student body (MS & ME) to the GRACE Officers and any faculty (when necessary). The master's chair will also relay suggestions and help promote events to encourage MS & ME student participation, assist with the new student mentoring program, and chair a master's committee if one is created.

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