April 19, 2019

Reitz Union, Rooms G320 and G330

The GRACE Annual Symposium is a yearly event in which Ph.D., M.S., and Undergraduate Students doing research in the Chemical Engineering department can showcase their work through Oral or Poster presentations. Students have the opportunity to develop presentation skills through judge feedback. Additionally, this event fosters the exchange of ideas between different labs within the ChE Department.

Thank you all for attending the 2019 GRACE Annual Symposium

Stay tuned for updates regarding our next Symposium!

Congrats to our 2019 Annual Symposium Winners!

Bochuan Song - Single atom Pt/CeO2 catalysts synthesized by Atomic Layer Deposition

Calen Leverant - Chromogenic Photonic Crystal Sensors for Detecting Molecular Diffusion in Polymers

Ming Gao - Behind Modeling Electrochemical Impedance Response of a Continuous Glucose Montior

Mykela DeLuca - Interconversion of aromatic co-catalysts in H-MFI zeolites: reacting methanol and dimethyl ether with methylbenzenes

Chaker Fares - Band Offsets of Inuslating and Semiconducting Oxides on (AlxGa1-x)2O3

Raul Cruz-Quintero - Engineering 3D Silk Tissue Cultuer Platforms for Skeletal Muscle Repair