Our Mission

The leadership of our chapter of AIChE seeks to provide a social atmosphere for all undergraduates to come together and discuss all there is to know about chemical engineering, including invaluable information regarding career fair, guest speakers from the industry, community service opportunities, a Chem-E Car competition, Engineering Fair, and some amazing social events and general help for most undergraduate courses.


Liliana Bello <br><br> President <br><br> Contact: presidentufaiche@gmail.com

Liliana Bello


Tyler Theriault <br><br> Vice President<br><br> Contact: vicepresident.UFAIChE@gmail.com

Tyler Theriault

Vice President

Bryan Kinnee-Crowley <br><br> Treasurer <br><br> Contact: treasurer.UFAIChE@gmail.com

Bryan Kinnee-Crowley


Daniel Barkley <br><br> Recording Secretary <br><br> Contact: rec.secretary.UFAIChE@gmail.com

Daniel Barkley

Recording Secretary

Francis Nguyen <br><br> Corresponding Secretary <br><br> Contact: corr.secretary.UFAIChE@gmail.com

Francis Nguyen

Corresponding Secretary

Jessica Partain <br><br> Corporate Liaison <br><br> Contact: corporate.UFAIChE@gmail.com

Jessica Partain

Corporate Liaison

Keri Clarke <br><br> Community Outreach Chair <br><br> Contact: comm.service.ufaiche@gmail.com

Keri Clarke

Community Outreach

Jared McClure <br><br> ChemE Car Chair <br><br> Contact: cheme.car.UFAIChE@gmail.com

Jared McClure

ChemE Car Chair

Katie Barrow <br><br> Department Liaison <br><br> Contact: department.ufaiche@gmail.com

Katie Barrow

Department Liaison

Nathan Garcia <br><br> BEC/Sister Chapter Liaison <br><br> Contact: sisterchapterliaison.ufaiche@gmail.com

Nathan Garcia

BEC/Sister Chapter Liaison

AIChE Committees

Committee Meeting Times
If you are interested in one of the many committees AIChE has to offer, check out the times below. Remember, being an active part of a committee counts as progress towards being an active member of the UF AIChE Student Chapter!
• Activities Committee - Monday, 10:00 am, MSL
• Corporate/Fundraising Committee - Tuesday, 2:00 pm, MSL
• Advertising/Newsletter Committee - Tuesday, 4:00 pm, MSL
• Website Committee - Wednesday, 1:00 pm, MSL
• Community Service Committee - Friday, 2:00 pm, MSL
• ChemE Car Competition - Friday, 5:15 pm, MSL
• Academic Development/C&B Committee - Friday, 5:45 pm, MSL
Note: MSL = Marston Student Library