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 Surface science and interfacial engineering play a pivotal role in areas ranging from drug delivery, soil remediation and agricultural sprays to materials science of thin films, chemical vapor deposition and sensor technology for homeland security.

 Our knowledge of chemistry and physics of surfaces has taken major strides in the past three decades. The fundamental knowledge of structure, properties and behavior of surfaces has contributed immensely to the solutions of problems not only in engineering, but also in agriculture, biology, medicine and pharmacy. The universality of surface science was recognized by the Board of Regents who established the Interdisciplinary Center for Surface Science and Engineering at the University of Florida in 1985. 

 The principles governing the behavior of molecules at surfaces are the same for both engineering and biomedical systems. Presently, faculty members from Colleges of Engineering, Arts & Sciences and Pharmacy participate in the activities of the center. These colleagues have combined their efforts to develop a unified base of knowledge of surface science and to delineate the mechanisms by which surface interactions of molecules influence the properties of engineering and biomedical systems.

 Mission Statement:   The mission of the Center for Surface Science at the University of Florida is to engage faculty in various departments in activities related to surface science, to offer new interdisciplinary education programs, perform collaborative research, build up state of the art instrumentation facilities and create a center of excellence in a field whose relevance in meeting modern technological challenges has increased over the years.



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