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Faculty Members of the Center

The following faculty are members of the CSSE. They represent many interests, ranging from surface science of biomineralization and biomedical drug delivery to catalysis, materials growth and molecular and continuum modeling of surface transport.

The center's current Director is:

    Ranga Narayanan
    Contact Phone: 352 392 9103
    Email : ranga@ufl.edu

    P.O. Box 116005
    Department of Chemical Engineering
    University of Florida
    Gainesville, FL 32611

Center faculty and their affiliations follow:


    Daniel Talham                [CV] Email: talham@chem.ufl.edu

Chemical Engineering:

    Tim Anderson                [CV] Email: tim@ufl.edu

    Aravind Asthagiri            [CV] Email: aasthagiri@che.ufl.edu

    Anuj Chauhan                [CV] Email: chauhan@che.ufl.edu

    Peng Jiang                    [CV] Email: pjiang@che.ufl.edu

    Dmitry Kopelevich          [CV] Email: dkopelevich@che.ufl.edu

    Ranga Narayanan          [CV] Email: ranga@ufl.edu

    Dinesh O. Shah             [CV] Email: shah@che.ufl.edu

    Helena Hagelin-Weaver   [CV] Email: hhagelin@che.ufl.edu

    Jason F. Weaver            [CV] Email: weaver@che.ufl.edu

    Kirk Ziegler                    [CV] Email: kziegler@che.ufl.edu

Materials Science and Engineering:

    Martin Glicksman           [CV] Email: mglic@mse.ufl.edu

    Brij Moudgil                    [CV] Email: bmoud@eng.ufl.edu

    Wolfgang Sigmund          [CV] Email: wsigm@mse.ufl.edu


    Jeffrey Hughes                [CV] Email: hughes@cop.ufl.edu


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