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Our cluster consists of a file server and over 800 P4 cores distributed in 5 sub clusters: B (32 cores), C (8 cores), D (16 cores), E (384 cores), and F (384 cores). We use T100/T1000 networks for system management and T1000/IB networks for interprocessor communication. Each B, C, and D cluster has its own gigabit switch, while the E cluster is switched by a stacked array of 4 X 48 port switches. The latest F nodes use a QDR Infiniband switching fabric.

More photos of the hardware can be seen here.

Server: Dual E5410 2.33 GHz (S'Micro)
32 GByte RAM
8 TByte RAID 5 Array
3ware 9650SE
Networks: T100 Ethernet
T1000 Ethernet
QDR Infiniband
Switches: 2 X Mellanox IS5025 36 Port Infinband
4 X Extreme Networks X450a-48T
5 X Dell 3448 48 Port Fast Ethernet

E cluster F cluster
192 Nodes 48 Nodes
Dual-Core P4D Dual E5620
2 GByte RAM 12 GByte RAM
80 GByte SATA 160 GByte SATA
450a-48T (4) IS5025 (2)
48 node HPL: 380GFlops 3.3TFlops

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